Les Voix de l'Urgence

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Ndinkoc-Nkem Rosine-Dada

Visual Artist

After her academic studies at the bilingual college Mbamy Fochada André of Nkongsamba where she obtained the G.C.E Advanced level, she passed the fine arts competition and joined the university where she obtained her D.E.A.P (Diploma of Study in Plastic Arts). Rosine is passionate about cinema. Her training gives her the status of a decorator. Invested with several skills she travels the film sets since 2017 With directors such as Joseph Akama, Stella Tchuisse, Amelia Umuhire, Thierry Ntamack, Lea Malle Frank Thierry, Narcisse Wandji ... as chief decorator. She won in 2017 the first prize in the Venezula postal art contest and in 2O19 the prize for the best Deco at the festival "Le Film Camerounais."

The need to progress and discover new things led her to the theater as a stage manager. She has worked on the plays of Martin Ambara, Michaël Disanka, Laurita Ngringeh... She is also interested in lighting and scenography. Since 2020, she is the stage manager of the "Laboratoire de théâtre de Yaoundé, OTHNI". She is in charge of the lighting for the MEVUNGU Festival. A festival dedicated to women initiated by Sylviane Messina (choreographer and dancer). She participated in a training workshop in Scenography and lighting management as an instructor at the "Théâtre en folie".

Fully bilingual, she speaks English and French. She is creative, reliable and professional. Rosine is a team player, a learner and is very motivated in what she does. All these qualities have allowed her to be selected for the LABO-ELAN 2021-2024 scholarship in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in Scenography.

Rosine is the technical manager of the project "The urgency of now", she works in close collaboration with the artist Yvon Ngassam.