Les Voix de l'Urgence

photo de Landry Mbassy

Mbassi Landry

Independent exhibition curator

Mbassi Landry has worked as a visual artist for more than ten years before devoting himself to curatorial practice and art criticism.

Based in Yaounde, he has been one of the curators of RAVY (Rencontres d'Arts Visuels de Yaoundé) since 2008, the visual arts biennial of Yaounde. He was  its  curator in chief since 2016 and artistic director since 2020. He has curated the exhibition "Cheminements – art contemporain du Cameroun" which inaugurated the National Gallery of Cameroon in May 2017. He was also the artistic director of the first edition of Douala Art Fair, June 2018 and has been working for 3 consecutive years with Maison Ruinart, as Art curator, as part of the Ruinart Festiv'art. In his spare time, he is interested in poetry and essays. On art, the conditions of creation and dissemination of contemporary art in Africa.