In October 2016, when the war started in the North West and South West, I had children in Bamenda. One was in polytechnic school. It was his first year in the school. I paid for everything: his study fees, the rent for his student room... When the war started, soon after the schools closed. I thought it was a temporary stop; I thought my children would go back to school afterwards. I thought the problem would be solved. I lost everything: the expenses for my children's education, the rent that I couldn't get paid back...

In 2017, I went to get them in the South West and they live here with me.

All I want is for peace to return to these areas. It is very difficult because this war has
been going on for five years already. I pray to the Lord to touch the heart of the leader of our country so that he will stop this war because we English-speaking people are suffering a lot.