I am 12 years old

I am from the North West region, I come from Bamenda.

I was 7 years old and I couldn't go to school that day because my mother was shot in the back on her way to the market. A victim of the war. My mother was a small, quiet shopkeeper.

My life was so good when my mother was still alive. After she died, we lost everything, even the love we had. When our mother was alive, we had plenty to eat.

My aunt came to pick me up in Bamenda after my mother's death and took me to Yaoundé. Soon after my sister joined me. I have resumed my studies, I am enrolled in a local school. I have many friends here and we can play, whereas in the village I couldn't even go to school because of the war.

I would like to be a teacher. I managed to escape the gunfire but my mother didn't. I will teach others that in the future they will be able to learn. I will teach others that in such a situation they should not lose hope and that they should pray.

If ever I have the opportunity to say what I wish to our leaders, I would ask the government to find a way to stop this war.